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Kinect for rehabilitation

The Innovation Department at Odense University Hospital (Project Manager at Health Games), has initiated a collaboration between a group of students from Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt and the rehabilitation department at OUH. The cooperation aims to explore the possibilities of using Microsoft's Kinect as a tool in the rehabilitation of specific patient groups.

The students were in a 10-week internship and during this period they worked with the Kinect as a tool in building a rehabilitation platform.

At OUH there is a major challenge in the rehabilitating hand surgery patients. Therefore, Helene Kissow and Anja Writes suggested this area as a focus area for the students.

The students were challenges since it is not large movements of arms and legs, but small movements of the fingers.

In preparation, the students therefore had to read the material on rehabilitation in this particular area and use anatomical studies to establish benchmarks into their programming.

Already after 2 weeks they had come a long way in February they presented a first version of their work.

The innovation department at OUH met weekly with the students and rehab department, discussing the status of the student's work and guiding them further.

Some of their work has been uploaded to our Youtube Channel: