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Fight the Stressmonsters

A teaching video for adults in game form Interactive video for teachers to prevent burn-out In the course of the Health Games Project we found that teachers as a profession suffer disproportionately from psychic problems, like burn-out. There are frequent depressive disturbances with symptoms of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, reduced productive powers, or unusual behavior to their fellows.

These symptoms are the main cause of premature retirement, of unfitness to perform the teaching profession.

50 to 60 % of teachers retire prematurely because they are no longer able to perform their job, and most of the rest decide to retire prematurely. Apart from individual suffering, there are enormous economic losses amounting to billions of Euros.

Stress is the main pathogenic trigger. Stress can be considered one of the most important causes of burn-out disturbances. In spite of the alarming number of teachers’ stress cases, the topic of stress prevention is neglected in teachers’ formation. Even further education programs still offer far too little help in this respect. Anti-stress training is almost exclusively provided in physical presence meetings. But it would really be sensible for teachers to make use of e-learning programs as well. Bachmaier notes that teachers often do not take part in physical-presence meetings because these are overbooked, or because they would have to drop their own teaching obligations, and then colleagues would have to take over their courses, and too many  lessons would simply be cancelled.

The present prototype aims at offering an e-learning program that arouses teachers’ interest in stress prevention and stress reduction, and presents suitable measures for these purposes. It concentrates on reducing and preventing stress.

The program is aimed at the teaching profession in general, and specifically at female teachers who may be at a special risk of suffering from the consequences of stress now or in the future. The focus is also on younger teachers, whose patterns of behavior are not yet quite so fixed and who may not be really well informed on the methods of dealing with stress.

A video showing "Fight the Stressmonsters" can be seen here.