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I løbet af sin graviditet får den vordende mor udleveret ikke færre end 23 foldere på Gynækologisk-Obstetrisk Afdeling D med al den information, der er relevant i forbindelse med graviditet, fødsel og barsel.
Kinect for rehabilitation
The Innovation Department at Odense University Hospital (Project Manager at Health Games), has initiated a collaboration between a group of students from Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt and the rehabilitation department at OUH. The cooperation aims to explore the possibilities of using Microsoft's Kinect as a tool in the rehabilitation of specific patient groups.
Health Games presents
Fight the Stressmonsters
A teaching video for adults in game form Interactive video for teachers to prevent burn-out In the course of the Health Games Project we found that teachers as a profession suffer disproportionately from psychic problems, like burn-out. There are frequent depressive disturbances with symptoms of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, reduced productive powers, or unusual behavior to their fellows.
Health Games - Book
A book containing different Best practice, description of the Body Tracking pilot and study trips in Health Games.
This is a digital interactive education application. Traditional patient information prior to surgery and other medical interventions is carried out in paper-based form. We aimed at a digital format providing more comprehensive information with options, and easy to understand illustrations.
File Mikti-Flow
Mikti-Flow is a biofeedback system for the therapy of detrusor-sphincter dyscoordination, especially in pedi-atric patients. The present system does not work well with the patients (most of whom are young children) quickly developing symptoms of boredom. Mikti-Flow 2020 is a new software version that keeps its sensory hardware, but offers new applications with a level system, various game scenarios, bonus credits and options for individual adaptions.
File CHarlies Geheimnis App
File Guidance system
We wanted to create a rational and easy-to-understand guidance system for patients and their friends and rela-tives at the university hospital of Schleswig-Holstein and the Odense University Hospital. The aims were simplicity, precise goals orientation, stress reduction, enhancing self-esteem and independence, physical support, furthering recovery by improved overall conditions and self-confidence.
File Info graphics on prostate cancer
Creating a series of information graphics, posters, and flyers on prostate cancer with chapters for risk factors, diagnosis, prevention, and therapy. The primary aims were raising consciousness for this condition, as well as visualizing decisive information for the general public in a form that can be easily and quickly absorbed.
File Defence
Designing and programming a 2D game application for the simulation of immune system reactions
File Patient Record App
This is the concept for creating a mobile, database-supported patient administration, focused on simplicity, intelligibility, and permanent accessibility of elevant data, irrespective of time and place, and consequent savings of time and costs, minimal administrative expenses and minimal worries for patients.
File Diet
Designing and programming various learning games (about 30) for the students at the dietary assistant school at UKSH.
File In your mind
Designing and realizing a prototype for the virtual experience of the emotional life of clinically depressed patients. The game aims at supporting the environment of the suffering, and consequently at prevention by early detection, in cooperation with professor Aldenhoff, UKSH.