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Information for the future patient is digital

A crucial feature of Games for Health is that it can contribute to more effective information to the patients by using motivating game technologies. That is the challenge 3 students from the academy of higher professional education Lillebælt have taken seriously.

A simple USB-stick is about deliver the same information for pregnant women on pregnancy and child birth that earlier took 25 leaflets and folders. The maternity department at Odense University hospital is testing the usb-stick on 300 pregnant women and nybagte mothers. The first results look promising and if everything turns out as expected the usb-stick will replace paper based communication.

The personal consider it a great advantage that they do not have to spend much time finding and distributing information material for the pregnant women. Midwifes and nurses have – together with the students – chosen the information to be put on the USB-stick. All material is organized and gathered in week topics with focus on the expected day of birth.

But this is just a start. The 3 students behind the idea want to take it further. They want the USB-stick to be even more personalized with login features that allows to give individual information for the pregnant women only relevant for. If you are going to give birth by kejsersnit you will only get exactly information relevant for that procedure. And as the project progresses the idea is to give the pregnant women a possibility to store own information like scanning’s and video material on the stick.

The students are preparing the usb-stick for other parts of the hospital as well.