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Master Classes Health games for patient safety

The Health Games project proposes an innovative ride in the spring where we will challenge the way game technologies and interfaces can be used to improve patient safety in hospitals.

16th of February

An introduction to patient safety as a market for quality improvement and business development.
Patients safety is a question of upmost concern at all hospitals. Still errors occur on a daily basis. Miscommunication, medication errors and IT system malfunction are amongst many of the issues in question. At this event some of the cases will be presented. Inspired by these, companies attending the master class will have the opportunity to prepare technologically matched presentations specific to the challenges in patient safety for the next master class on March the 7th.


7th of March

A deep dive into the game interfaces and technologies in healthcare.

This workshop will involve live demonstrations of the latest game technologies and interfaces. Session experts will show how digital media and pervasive technologies can help hospitals improve quality and establish higher patient satisfaction, along with looking at patient involvement in their own safety.


Week of 19th to 25th of March

An innovative competition where students from different professional fields work in teams to establish high-tech solutions in the area of patient safety.

INNOEVENT is the name of this workshop where 500 students devote their imagination, creativity and professional skills to think out of the box and into business for healthcare. The students will develop more than 25 prototypes solving various safety issues at the hospital. They will compete amongst each other for their product to be

  • innovative

  • prepared for market

  • involving

  • interactive

  • cost effective

  • robust

user friendly

... and only one of these prototypes will be the overall winner!


17th of April

And finally a reality stress session where the master class participant will challenge the winners of the INNOEVENT workshop. The students will demonstrate their patient safety prototype in detail. The workshop participants will help the students to qualify their ideas and pave the way to market. The four events will develop and be fully unfolded on 15th of January.