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Games getting serious in health

In the autumn we introduce 3 seminars that - in different ways - will introduce best practice working with games and game technologies for health care.

During June, August and September a research team the Health game partnership will gather business cases, next practice and innovative solutions from South Korea, Japan, USA, UK and Spain.


Through the 3 seminars you will get inspiration and innovation form NC soft from Seoul, Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Game Society, Asian Medical Centre, Seoul National University, Hoseo University, the games for Health organisation in Sante Barbara among others.



1. Seminar the 27th of October  9 - 16

Serious games in health care

Games for health is a growing market. We will demonstrate how games solve problems for the health sector and how it can become a market for companies working with IT, gamification, e-concepts and pervasive computing.

At the seminar we will give and introduction to various games used for diagnosis, retraining and patient – hospital communication.

The games will vary from screen-based applications to games with full body involvement and simulations.


2. Seminar the 23rd of November 15 - 18

Health games and the clinical domain

It is not unproblematic to work with games in a clinical domain. Evidence is crucial when you enter the hospitals and work with patients. The games shall prove to be helpful – have positive impact on recovery, diagnosis or communication.

In order to get a product to market in the clinical domain you have to work with the hospitals  - the doctors, nurses and patients - to establish clinical evidence. You have to know the methods and culture of this particular sphere.

We will show business cases and introduce people that make it work.


3. Seminar the 8th of December 15 - 18

Adapting games and technologies to health care

Health games are also about using existing technologies in a new context. In this seminar we will specifically introduce the application of existing “fun” games and technologies in specific serious health practice: How to use wee, kinect, WOW and other games to create new interfaces and interaction between patient and hospital.


In the spring 2012 we will turn these seminars into 3 innovative master classes dealing with the big question:


How do games solve clinical problems – and create business?


The 3 master classes are still on the drawing board, but we know that they will be attended by clinical personal from the hospitals and game technologist and game designers. And we know that the participants will – at the end of the 3rd master class – come up with provoking and innovative ideas for commercial health games. And we promise it will be fun and intense.

1. Master class the 16th of February 2012

2. Master class the 7th of March 2012

3. Master class the 17th of April 2012

Who can attend?

The seminars and master classes are for both for game specialists and for clinical personal.


How can I attend?

If you want to receive more information on the project, the seminars and master classes please send us a mail on



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