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Best Collaboration Award 2011

This year OUH and EAL participated in the competition “Best Collaboration Award 2011”, powered by Interreg IVB’s “City Challenge 2009-2012”.

The application was written by Mille Gottlieb (intern at OUH). It specifies the collaboration in both InnoEvent and Health Games.

The Jury members have made their decision and announced our collaboration this year’s winner! We are all exited about this award. The collaboration will be presented in Bremen, 24 November 2011 (Click here to see the programme).


The jury states:

“This collaboration was one where real and tangible results were evident. The collaboration between the health sector partner and design student had during 2010 and 2011 events produced a large number of ideas and potential projects..The very simple initiative of using USB sticks to provide information to expectant mothers  had resulted the employment of five people and high annual savings for the Health Authority. This is a highly impressive outcome for a student project 'idea' and is evidence of a genuine 'meeting of minds' and a will to develop and implement ideas to production.  It also provided students with entrepreneurial opportunities to further develop their own projects. Excellent collaboration.“

Sandra Gunn, Curriculum Director of the City of Glasgow College, Great Britan


“A persistent collaboration addressing one of our most serious challenges in the future – health. The collaboration has a modern approach with great potential to develop even further. The progress of InnoEvent over years is described as well as the generation of new jobs and the potentially increasing financial return.”

Ann-Britt Carlsson, Officer of Development, Västarvet, Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden


The application:

1.      Describe your collaborative partnership

Since 2010, Lillebælt Academy(EAL) and Odense University Hospital(OUH) have been closely collaborating to develop new, innovative solutions for the everyday use at OUH. The collaboration was established with the first “InnoEvent” in 2010. EAL wanted to develop a mutual beneficial collaboration between business and students and publicize the school's programmes at a new platform. OUH wanted a partner who could come up with new ways to apply modern technology for clinical use. The enthusiasm surrounding the collaboration is clear. Peder Jest, Hospital Director, says: “It was an eye-opener to see how innovative students (..) could come up with several solutions, which can be implemented immediately, solving problems on which health-professionals have spent years and millions of DKK without a final outcome”. In 2011, “The results are surprising. We arrive at solutions which haven’t even been considered in the existing health care systems". The collaboration is under continuous development.


2.      Provide evidence of you success (e.g. generation of new ideas, services and products; financial return; generation of new jobs, any other positive results)

The collaboration has created several exciting innovative successes such as “InnoEvent” and “Healthgames”.

“InnoEvent” challenges multimedia design students at EAL to come up with innovative solutions to solve a given problem from the everyday life of OUH – within a timeframe of one week. In 2011, eight of the students’ ideas were adopted by OUH to be realized and implemented in clinical use.

“Healthgames” is a collaboration between EAL, OUH, Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein Kiel and Fachhochschule Kiel. It aims at developing gaming technologies for rehabilitation and diagnosing of diseases. The purpose is to develop the area of gaming technologies in healthcare. IT-students, in collaboration with game companies, develop new technologies which are tested as prototypes respectively at OUH and Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein Kiel. It is expected that the newly developed technologies will contribute to increase growth both in Southern Denmark and in the Northern Germany.


3.      Why is your collaboration special and not a typical client-costumer relationship?

The collaboration is an innovative success, not least due to the acceptance students’ capacity to come up with unexpected, versatile, but indeed useful, solutions to ease the life of patients and staff at OUH. The collaboration is unique due to the way students are allowed to support business and application development in the technological field and, thus, becoming pioneers within clinical use of new technologies. The students help the public sector exit static medical procedures and enter into the mentality of the future. The collaboration leaves behind the typical simulated educational situations. Many of the ideas are realised, and the students are entitled to develop their own ideas further for commercial purposes. EAL achieves a remunerative business relation and a valuable promotion of the institution. This collaboration is everything but typical. It is a unique collaboration across an institution from the creative sector and a partner from sciences and applied research.