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Brooks researches bespoke self-created apparatus and methods with emphasis on ICT in Healthcare and Universal Access under his concept Ludic Engagement Designs for All (LEDA).
Peer reviews categorise the cutting-edge work as pioneering biofeedback exploration of human afferent-efferent neural feedback loop closure.
His creative art works have been exhibited as dedicated showcases since being featured in 1975 at the ICA London. Other exhibitions and interactive installations include at leading MoMAs; notable global events e.g. Olympics (Atlanta, Sydney); EU City of Culture 96/00, and more. 
Critical acclaim of his work, especially the "Circle of Interactive Light (COIL)" series 98/9, has led to ongoing global commissions.
Inroads to associated business markets led to patents on communication methods and apparatus, commercial product, and a self-driven SME offering product consultancy and training.
Notable national and international awards resulted alongside national and International projects based on his research.
In demand globally as a keynote speaker and presenter, he is acknowledged as a “User Interfaces for All” evangelist coining the terms "Virtual Interactive Space" and "Virtual Information Space" (VIS).
He targets addressing future social demographics via establishing requirements in and beyond HCI (e.g., user-centered interface development) and Assistive Technologies (e.g., specific interaction techniques and devices for disabled user groups). Acting on these requirements as means to address future service industry short-comings is central thread of the work. 
There are over 100 peer reviewed publications available that focus on his concept SoundScapes, and spin offs "ArtAbilitation" "GameAbilitation" where bespoke gesture-based perceptual controllers of digital games and creative content (music/painting/robotics) empower play, non-formal learning and creative expression resulting in fun user-experience leading to micro development. 
IBM and others sponsor.


Invention, Concept creation, ICT, Interaction Design; Networking, Creative thinking (lateral/out of the box) and applied research of Virtual Interactive Space (VIS), Perceptual controllers, Games, In-action/On-action evaluation; Designing, mediating, facilitating, and researching Inter-subjective and Intra-subjective Human-System Interactions; Alternative Artificial Computer-Generated Environments e.g. Virtual Reality, etc

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