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Master Class 3 : Making ideas happen

The final healthgames masterclass turned it's focus on how ideas can make it in reality. Videos from the event will be available soon.


Claus Pedersen, Odense University Hospital

Download presentation (PDF)

Making ideas happen. OUH will present how collaborations between business and the hospital work.
A map of departments / contact and demands of each will also be introduced.

masterclass3 - ouh

Troels Lindenskov, Cisco

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A business case study of innovation in collaboration with OUH.

masterclass3 - cisco

Nick Becker, Penimo

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How a great idea can make it in reality. Graduates from MMD education Odense will talk about the
development of their project and their on going collaboration with OUH, and other medical centres in Denmark.

masterclass3 - penimo

Morten Stærdahl Andersen, Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation.

Download presentation (PDF)

Regional support and funding channels for developing healthgaming.

masterclass3 - sdti

Morten Bierbaum, Welfare Tech Region Fyn.

Download presentation (PDF)

Current projects and lessons learnt from regional development.

masterclass3 -welfaretech

Albert 'Skip' Rizzo.

Presentation Available Soon(PDF)

Associate Director for Medical Virtual Reality University of Southern California. Medical Virtual Reality and healthgaming.

masterclass3 - skiprizzo

InnoEvent Bisi winners

Download presentation (Powerpoint)

masterclass3 - bisi

InnoEvent Winners - Group 2

Download presentation (Prezi Zipped File)

masterclass3 - group2

InnoEvent Winners - Group 21

Download available soon

masterclass3 - group21

InnoEvent Winners - Group 28

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masterclass3 - group28

InnoEvent Winners - Group 29

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masterclass3 - group29

InnoEvent Winners - Group 30

Presentation available soon

masterclass3 - group30

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