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Master Class 2 : Game interfaces and technologies in healthcare

This workshop involved live demonstrations of the latest game technologies and interfaces. Session experts showed how digital media and pervasive technologies could help hospitals improve quality and establish higher patient satisfaction, along with looking at patient involvement in their own safety.


Panel Discussion


Lies van Roessel

From 2008 Lies has worked as a researcher in the research program Applied Game Design at the HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts), faculty of Art, Media and Technology. At this school she also teaches research skills to first-year Game & Interaction Design students. She is involved in EGG (Expertise center for Games and Game Design), where her work includes making (scholarly) knowledge about applied game design easily accessible for game designers and developers. In 2008 she finished the research master Media Studies at Utrecht University. In this program Lies started specializing in computer games, which resulted in a master's thesis about Computer Game Literacy Education.


KyungSik Kim

Kyung Sik Kim is the Head of the Department of Computer Game Engineering in Hoseo University, which is located in Chungnam in Korea. He is acting the Chairman of Serious Game Forum 2010 of Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism in Korea. He leads research works on serious games for the elderly people in Hoseo University.


Master class participants


10:30 Visual communication – 1030.dk

Game development involving complete solutions from structuring to dissemination of complex problems. Known for the successful HC And edutainment game for the children’s ward at OUH.

3 shape – 3shape.com

3Shape's solutions are designed for the creation, processing, analysis and management of high-quality 3D data for application in complex manufacturing processes, like quality control and dental diagnostics.

DJEEO – www.djeeo.dk

Combining advanced IT technology with outdoors activities in a multimedia treasure hunt/orientation run. DJEEO is designed to facilitate learning through physical activity and play.

Helene Elsass Centre – www.elsasscenter.dk

The centre endeavours to develop improved intervention in relation to people with Cerebral Palsy. A part of the methods is the mitii system – an innovative system for physical exercise and monitoring of users over the internet.

KOMPAN – kompan.dk

The world's leading specialist in playground equipment and playground solutions for all age groups and still growing globally.

Serious games interactive – seriousgames.dk

Serious Games Interactive develops computer games that engage, entertain and educate.

EAL – eal.dk

From the coming generation, games from the lab to show what may be accomplished with simple means while still being immersive, entertaining and challenging.

Multiway - multiway.dk

creates a digital advertising platform where the companies may deliver relevant and easily accessible information at the right place and the right time.

Woerk - woerk.dk

Specialist in user interaction with a focus on content and usability, both for new system or alteration based on previous design on other platform. Creators of widely used apps like DMI byvejr app and YouSee TV guide.

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