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Serious games in health care

At this seminar we have invited professionals to show how game technologies can be integrated and be cost effective in health care. In health care there are high standards regarding treatment and evidence.
  • peder-bilde

    Proof of concept and the launch for market for health technologies, Peder E Bilde, Helene Elsass Center

    Peder will tell about a pilot study that aims at a proof of concept that individualized and supervised interactive home-based training delivered through the internet may provide an efficient way of maintaining intensive training of children with cerebral palsy over prolonged periods

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  • susanne bjerre

    Games for comfort and reflection, Susanne Bjerre, 10:30

    "Susanne will illustrate how play and games can be a part of different stages of children's hospital and illness experience. That goes from preparing the child for hospital treatment to reflection on the actual illness. The company 1030 has been working together with OUH since 2005 and have established different playful tools that support children in the process of coming in terms with their illness."

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  • Claus-duedahl-pedersen

    Health game – an innovative challenge, Claus Duedahl Pedersen, Department of clinical innovation OUH

    Claus will illustrate how innovation can challenge health care as we know it. OUH and The academy of higher professional education Lillebaelt have been working together for the past 4 years to involve students and clinicians in product development for smart health care. IT and media students are confronted with "real life" problems – the students add knowledge and good practice on mobile-, game-, augmented- and interactive technologies…

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  • temp speaker

    Challenges in combining Learnability an Playability in serious Games, Henrik Helms, Knowledge lab

    Project Games for Health is a two-year research and development project, which is designed to investigate if and how digital gaming can contribute to creating new and improved therapies for army veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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